Shortbreak Studios

Mobile Game Developer

What are you like?

You want to create mobile games
You strongly believe that electronic entertainment is not only one the most profitable and promising industries out there, but also great fun. You have always had a keen interest in mobile technologies. If so, you are just like us!

You play mobile games
You have your favorite titles but follow most new games. The myriad of titles on the App Store and Google Play does not scare you; on the contrary, it thrills you! Or perhaps you have already put your own game on either of the stores?

You know and love Unity or UDK
You can easily use these tools to create gameplay and develop games.

You are well-versed in game development technologies
You have your own opinions about technologies of game development. Want to share them with us?

What will you do?

Create games!
You will implement and develop gameplay (Unreal Engine or Unity), realize your ideas and improve those of others, create levels and place lighting, test games on all stages of development and report bugs using Mantis.

What are we like?

We are flexible
We understand that everyone has their unique talents and responsibilities best suited for them. Yet, we believe that the whole Team should shape the project. Try to be a programmer, artist, designer, tester and gamer at once. Quite a challenge, isn’t it :)

We believe people learn from their mistakes
We invent, prototype, criticize, improve, and keep improving… until we release a game. We keep track of the competition, we seek more and more optimal solutions, and love to learn and evolve.

Making games is more than work – it is our passion, way of life, and simply great fun
We care for our unique atmosphere at work, which means casual and informal communication, an ability to learn from the most experienced team members, a creative approach to problem solving, and periodic bonding events.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package
This includes: investment fund with additional life insurance, private medical care and the Multisport card, occasional gifts, up-to-date book and video game libraries, discounts on all our products, low-interest loans for employees… and more!

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